WhatsApp and Signal App

WhatsApp app has suffered a lot due to policy issues. On one hand, while many users left this app, on the other hand, its downloads also decreased from the app stores. All this has benefited the Signal app. According to a report by app analytics firm Appannie, the Signal app has become the fastest growing app worldwide. These include both downloads and monthly active users of the app.

The Telegram chat app has also benefited from the new WhatsApp policy. It was third in no of app downloads and second in monthly active users. Explain that the new WhatsApp policy will come into effect from May 15.

According to the company, the signal app gained more popularity due to its simplicity and privacy. People are switching to signals over WhatsApp with record numbers. In February 2021, when there was a dispute about the new WhatsApp policy, the company extended the privacy policy implementation date. Later, WhatsApp had explained its policy to the users in different ways.

According to Appannie, the top apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store included TikTok, YouTube and Facebook in terms of consumer spends and MAUs during the January to March quarter. On the other hand, TicketLock’s alternative app MX Takatak was also seen growing rapidly. TikTok topped the download, Followed by Facebook and Instagram.

WhatsApp Signal Telegram Features

How to switch from WhatsApp to Signal App

  • First, create a group on the user’s signal. Now go to group settings and tap on the group link.
  • Toggle to group link creation and tap share.
  • Now many apps will be available for sharing on the phone, you select WhatsApp.
  • Now WhatsApp users will get a link to the signal, which will enable the app to be installed.

What is the new policy of WhatsApp

The new policy states that the company can upload, submit, store, send or receive content to WhatsApp to use our services. The brand or company can use, reproduce, distribute and display them anywhere. Users will have to agree to this policy. It is in force from 8 February 2021. It will be necessary to Agree after this date. If you do not allow it, then you will not be able to use your WhatsApp account. You can visit the WhatsApp help center for more details.