Telegram Voice Chats 2.0 Feature

Telegram messaging app has recently launched the Voice Chats 2.0 feature. This feature is considered to be very important and helpful as well. With this feature, millions of users will be able to join live voice chat on any telegram channel. The company had introduced this feature a few months ago for Telegram Groups.

The company officials said that after this update, some of the features such as voice chat recording, a list of participants, speaking and listening to children, enhancing hand mechanics, voice chat title can also be seen. Admins of telegram channels and public groups will now be able to voice chat with millions of live users.

Following are some of the features of Voice Chat 2.0

1. Limitless Voice Chat

To use it, open the profile section of the group or channel you are administering. Now tap on (⋮) or (⋯). You can start voice chat from there.

2. Recorded Chats

When you are doing live voice chat, tap on (⋮) of that group or channel. Here you will get the option to start recording. Here all the users who talk here will be recorded.

3. Rise Hand

With this feature you can give someone a chance to stop or speak. The option of Rise Hand will come in place of Mike’s icon in front of the users name. The administrator can tab there and give him permission to speak. Or Direct can also send a message on his chat.

4. Speak and Listener Links

Go to the profile of a telegram group or channel and tap on (⋮). Here the option of start voice chat will be available, tap on it. Now click on the Continent Edge Critical Troll. Now edit the critical troll and give it a new title. Then go to tap on (⋮) and click on the share invoice link.

Here is the Telegram Web Link: